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The best songs are often based on the best stories. And they are true at best: Since AVEC‘s first EP „Heartbeats“ was released in 2015, the young Austrian musician has been skillfully and well shaking up the image of what we thought we knew about deeply honest pop music.

Like many very good musicians, AVEC refused to learn to read music, and instead taught herself to accompany her voice and what were then her first lyrics on guitar using books and YouTube videos. It was Taylor Swift (and her song „Fifteen“) who finally made AVEC feel for the first time that this could be the one, real, most important meaning of life. After recording her first songs at home on her phone and uploading them to Soundcloud, the discovery didn‘t take long. The rest is a fabulous story.

Unlike many others, AVEC didn‘t immediately move from the Upper Austrian countryside to the city to launch her big career there. A quiet place often leads to loud thoughts – that was one of the most important prerequisites for making music from the very beginning. After the recordings for her first album, which was released in 2016 (What If We Never Forget) she made her way to Ireland together with her best friend and constant musical companion Andreas Häuserer: „The north,“ she says, „gives her something she can‘t find anywhere else.”

The cold, the landscape, yes, even the sheep: it is a pristine, natural, good solitude that AVEC has taken from the windy coast into her writing and her way of telling stories. In Ireland, in joint work with producer Tommy McLaughlin, the second album „Heaven/Hell“ (2018) was finally created. More edges, more clarity of content, more pop.

AVEC and her band started playing live again in 2021 and are more than happy and grateful to be back on stage together. The latest release is her EP called “I Feel Alone These Days” (2023) and it will be followed by her 4th record, which is currently in the making.

The fact that music will one day become not only a fulfilling hobby, but a profession or vocation, is still the most beautiful, but also the most amazing surprise for AVEC. However, she was more than happy to put the two studies she had started, molecular biosciences and teaching English/history, on hold.

After extensive touring, AVEC made her way back into the studio in Upper Austria and created her 3rd Album (Homesick) together with Andy which was released in March 2020. A lot of these songs were written in Berlin in 2019, where she was staying for about a month. This period of time wasn’t the easiest for AVEC, who missed the countryside of her hometown and was not feeling too comfortable in the big city.